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Amazon Butterflies

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Our Story

Experience the enchanting beauty of real Amazonian butterflies, meticulously preserved and artfully arranged in flight patterns within exquisite red cedar wood and glass shadow boxes.

Our dedication to quality and sustainability knows no bounds. We collaborate with a network of 16 butterfly farms spanning six countries – Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and three farms right here in the state of Florida. This global reach ensures not only the finest quality (A1 Specimens) but also a commitment to responsible sourcing.

Each butterfly undergoes a transformation, where its abdomen is delicately replaced with cotton infused with black ink and ammonia. A protective coat of lacquer is meticulously applied to preserve the intricate wing scales while maintaining their original coloration. The antennas are thoughtfully replaced with horsehair, all in the pursuit of preserving these captivating specimens for up to three decades.

The life cycle of these remarkable creatures sees them spend a mere 7 to 21 days in their adult stage, focused on reproduction. Once they have fulfilled their natural lifespan, they gently descend to the forest floor. Only then do our partner farms seek inspection and approval from local wildlife authorities to obtain the necessary permits for sale.

With a two-decade legacy of working tirelessly within this program, we have witnessed the profound and positive impact it has had on the health of the Amazon Rainforest. Join us in celebrating this harmonious blend of artistry, preservation, and sustainability.